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Model Application

Applying to Bruce & Brown

Our books are open for all ages.

Before making an application to us, it's VERY IMPORTANT you read the following:

All our castings and jobs take place in London and usually with only 24 hours notice. If you live outside the London area please consider the amount of travelling involved for you and your child. Living within the M25 area is ideal.

Castings for school age kids are held after school, from 4pm until around 5.30 - 6pm.

If both parents work full time, please consider who would be available to take your child to castings and jobs, and would they be happy to do this on a regular basis?

Shoots happen in school time. If you're not happy for your child to miss any school, then this is not for you.

Babies are usually cast & shot during the day.

We are a sole rep agency, so please don't apply if you're already with an agency, unless you're ready to leave them.

How to Apply

Please send 4 or 5 very recent, very clear pictures. They don't have to be professional, family snaps are fine.  For baby applications don't send pictures with hats or dummies or food on the face! And definitely no face paint! We need to be able to see your kids clearly.

You must give us your child's name & date of birth, your phone number & address, or just the town where you live. Please be assured we do not forward your details to anyone else.

Email applications to   Please send photos in Jpeg format only, no links to websites No pictures over 1mb.

We have no joining/registration fees and our kids do not require a portfolio.

We only take on a very small percentage of applicants, so please don't feel bad if the answer is no.  Your kids could be just what another agency is looking for, so keep trying.

Many thanks for your time.

Bruce & Brown